Sunol Regional Wilderness

Sunol Trail

Located about 5 miles down Calavaras road off of 680, Sunol Regional Wilderness is just short 20 minute drive or so from Fremont.

The park has a lot of the typical dry hill trails, but has one real highlight section of Alameda Creek called Little Yosemite. Stress the little, but the quarter mile stretch of boulders with small cascading waterfalls is pretty unique to the Alameda Creek and Bay Area parks in general. After entering the park, don’t park right away–drive all the way to the back of the park until the road starts to loop back and park there. The often crowded lot borders the trailhead that takes across an old bridge over the Alameda Creek and out toward Little Yosemite.



Wildlife doesn’t seem all that common, but what we’ve seen has often been kind of unusual. According to another hiker, we missed a mountain lion by about 10 minutes. Still never seen one…

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Wildlife Spotted:
Various harmless snakes
Red-tailed hawks
Acorn woodpeckers
Wild Turkeys


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