Mission Peak

Mission Peak doesn’t offer much wildlife or unique scenery, but if you’re looking for a bit of exercise you can’t go wrong and the view from the top is fantastic.

Wooded area along the Ohlone-side trail to Mission Peak

Wooded area along the Ohlone-side trail to Mission Peak

There are two trailheads. The more commonly used one off Mission Blvd and Stanford is pretty much a straight climb up the west side on repeating switchbacks. Not my favorite. I much prefer the trailhead the begins at the top of the Ohlone College campus behind the pond. Park in the school lot and follow the bus route that wraps around behind the school and you’ll see the short road up to the trailhead gate. You’ll take two quick rights to put you on the summit path that first wraps around the west side giving a view of the Ohlone campus and surroundings, then takes you around to the eastern side through cow pastures and woods before starting the eventual steep climb to the summit.

At the summit, there will generally be a small crowd around the “pipe telescopes” that point out all the surrounding landmarks. The actual summit marker is about 50 feet further south along the trail.
Mission Peak Summit Marker (2517ft)

Mission Peak Summit Marker (2517ft)

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