Coyote Hills

Red-Tailed Hawk over Coyote Hills

Coyote Hills and the connected Wildlife Refuge are located in Fremont, straddling the east entrance to the Dumbarton Bridge. The Alameda Creek Trail borders the north edge of Coyote Hills, and makes for a nice entrance via bicycle.

Coyote Hills can’t be beat when it comes to wildlife. You always see something. There are tons of different birds.

Juvenile Great Horned Owl

Juvenile Great Horned Owl

Loggerhead Shrike

Loggerhead Shrike

Northern Harrier

Northern Harrier

White Pelican

White Pelican shooping along bird alley

Kite's favorite tree

A record number of kites in one tree

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Wildlife Spotted:
Cottontail Rabbit
White-tailed Kite
Northern Harrier
Red-tailed Hawk
Red-shouldered Hawk
American Kestrel
Great Horned Owl
Barn Owl
Night Heron
Blue Heron
Great Egret
Snowy Egret
White Pelican


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