Dry Creek Trail/Garin Park

Dry Creek Trail

I prefer the hike into Garin Park along the Dry Creek trail to just starting at Garin. The trailhead is about 5-10 minutes from the northern section of Fremont off Mission Blvd. You can start at the end of Whipple or Tamarack. Whipple can be tough to park on, so we use the neighborhood street parking along Tamarack.

Acorn Woodpecker

Acorn Woodpecker

The trailhead is Meyer’s Ranch Trail. It winds through the hills for about a half mile before you take a left onto a narrower trail just after passing through the field labeled Meyer’s Ranch.

Narrow Bridge

Narrow Bridge

Crossing through a cattle gate puts you on Dry Creek Trail, the most unique trail in the park. In the winter and spring, the name tends to be a misnomer, with shallow water flowing through the creekbed. The trail is almost completely shaded, and jumps back and forth over the creek using a series of narrow pedestrian-only bridges.

The trail is only about .75 miles long, ending at Jordan Pond on the south edge of the Garin Park picnic area. It’s a nice, short, non-strenuous hike for when you’re time limited or just want something more relaxing. You can extend it significantly by walking the High Ridge Loop Trail back.

Jordan Pond

Jordan PondDeer

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