Day 8: Grand Tetons

This pic doesn’t quite show the odd shape of the Pronghorn Antelope’s horns, but it’s the best we got.

We stumbled upon the exact location where they take the postcard shots we saw in the souvenir shops, so took it ourselves.

Day 7: Leaving Yellowstone and heading back to Grand Tetons

Finally, a predator mammal along the Yellowstone river. We watched this coyote prowl the river basin and swim across the river from a distance before losing him over a hill. Then when we decided he was gone for good and started to drive away we found him crossing the road and I got a few nice shots as he wandered away.

Back in the Tetons near Oxbow Bend

Bald Eagle near Oxbow Bend

Day 6: Yellowstone in the Geyser Basin Area

Ferry Falls

The volcanic activity creates a very alien landscape at times. It’s hard to describe and this picture is really only a small element. It’s just strange driving around and seeing steam venting out of the ground and all the various manifestations of that.

Day 5: Yellowstone Hike Near Mammoth

The middle of nowhere.

Day 4: Yellowstone’s Eastern Canyon and Valley Area

Yellowstone River Canyon

Bald Eagle in Hayden Valley

Elk near Madison Junction

Day 3: Driving through Grand Tetons and into Yellowstone

Oxbow Bend in Grand Tetons

Old Faithful

Bison scraching an itch

Also spotted but not photographed:
Pronghorn antelope

Day 2: Grand Tetons

Jenny Lake:

Young Osprey in nest:

Fall colors:

Also spotted but no photographed:
Bald Eagle

Day 1: Jackson Hole

Live elk walking in the streets of Jackson Hole:

Lilia collected all these antlers already:

Also spotted but not photographed:
Red fox

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